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Fitness Center

Welcome to the NEW MT Fitness Center located on Level 1 of Rainier Tower! Exclusively built for tenants located in the Metropolitan Tract, MT Fitness is one of the most unique commercial office building gyms in downtown Seattle. Current tenants in Rainier Tower, Skinner Building, 1200 Fifth, Financial Center and Puget Sound Plaza are all eligible to become members of the facility.

the facility

MT Fitness Center contains 4,500 sf of state of art fitness equipment including TRM Treadmills, Adaptive Motion Trainers, Eliptical Fitness CrossTrainers, Espresso Upright Bikes, StairMaster Gauntlets, Spartan Sprints, Jacobs Ladder, Rowers, Power Racks, Accessories & much more. The gym also includes a Yoga Studio where members can sculpt, stretch, breathe, and practice wellbeing.

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Your Membership includes access to Locker & Shower facilities located adjacent to MT Fitness Center. If you have questions or are interested in touring the facility, please email rsqmgmt@wrightrunstad.com.

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